Cahokia Institute of Technology


Welcome to Cahokia Institute of Technology!  This site serves as a badging system for all teachers in CUSD #187.  There are numerous badges you can earn that cover a wide array of topics and technologies related to integrating technology into the classroom. Cahokia Institute of Technology is a site you can use to learn about ways to integrate technology into your class – and earn badges and points in the process. Here you can learn specifics about new technologies and tools you could use in your classroom. In addition, this site serves as a way to promote your growth as an employee in the Cahokia School District. There are three main parts to this site: Badges, Quests, and Levels.

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  1. BADGES are earned by completing specific TASKS. Each badge will tell you what you need to do to earn it. Badges have points associated with them.
  2. QUESTS are completed by completing several tasks related to a specific topic or earning a particular certification from a third party. For example, completing the quest for flipped classroom would require that you earn several badges related to the flipped classroom. Completing quests also gives you points.
  3. LEVELS are your ranking. As you accumulate more points, your level will increase. You begin as a noob and work your way up to expert levels.

Earning Badges

The criteria for earning a badge can vary, but generally will require you to complete a particular action or actions, then submit evidence of completion.

Share Your Badges

Cahokia Institute of Technology also integrates with the Credly website. Check out the ‘Getting Started’ page for more info on setting up your Credly profile. From your Credly page, you can share your achievements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,  your website, blog, Credly profile or other location.

Why Badges?

The badge system provides a more structured way to manage our professional development and allowing you freedom in what you what to learn.  Instead of “forcing” you to learn about something that is not of interest to you, we are giving you full choice of your next learning path. The topics will cover areas you are expected to learn and be able to do with incorporating technology into the classroom. In addition, this serves as an example of gamification (incorporating game elements into learning). This is an up and coming idea in education, and you may use it in your classroom as well.


CPDU’s will be awarded quarterly based on your progress. You will be awarded 1 CPDU for every 4 points earned.