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Flipped Classroom Level 1 – What is the Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Level 1 – What is the Flipped Classroom

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Learn how to use videos and podcasts as instructional tools to increase student engagement and support. Flipping the classroom is designed to make the best use of face-to-face time with students provide opportunities to revisit important concepts. Explore the goals and benefits of the flipped classroom to maximize student learning outcomes.

You will begin this Flipped Classroom Certification Journey by creating an account at www.

After you have logged in choose menu at the top.

Flipped Classroom







Choose Flipped Classroom Certification.

Register for the Program.

Watch the videos.

After viewing the videos, you probably have a better understanding of the flipped concept. Before moving on to the next lesson, take some time to reflect on these questions.

Earn Your Badge!

  1. Have you considered your philosophy in Flipping your Classroom?  Have you considered your purposes in embracing this ideology?
  2. Have you chosen a lesson that you are going to flip using as the platform?  Have you considered how flipping classroom theory is going to affect your lesson planning and delivery for that specific lesson?