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Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read

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Go to
Click “start your reading adventure now”.
Fill out the form. Select Teacher, type in email address, choose and type in a password, and confirm your password.
Click “sign up to start playing”.
Click “add players”.
Go to the bottom and click “I want to add multiple players at once”.
Open Google Sheets and type in your class list.
Copy your Google Sheet and paste it into the box on the Teach Your Monster to Read website.
Click “create player”
You will then set up which game you want them to be working on. There are three to choose from.
You have options for login. You can set it up to where they do not have a login, you can customize the login, or you can generate, download, and print login cards.
Now they can play and learn to read!

Earn Your Badge:

Turn in a screenshot of your class once it is all setup.