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What is Formative?

Formative is a real-time formative assessment that can be give on any internet connected device!



Earn Your Badge!

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create your classes which will generate a class code for each of your classes.
  3. Display class code to students and have them join by signing in using their Google Accounts.
  4. Create an assignment by clicking on “New Assignment”
    An assignment can be a question (multiple choice, show your work, short answer, or true/false). You may also upload a PDF and embed questions for students to answer.
  5. When students log in to their Formative account, their assignment will appear.
  6. Once students have submitted their assignment, you may view, grade and provide feedback.
  7. Screenshot an example of your student response through the Live Results portion of the assignment.

(Created by Lauren Fisher)

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